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 about me

I am a Canadian visual artist from Ontario Canada but moved to the USA in 2014 to pursue a new adventure.


My work is primarily the result of my love for art; it is both a challenge and an outlet, a discipline and a passion.

My main interest is modern contemporary abstract art, I enjoy abstract expressionism, surrealism, figurative and impressionism styles.

I am not confined to one subject area, preferring to vary my projects and media. That said, acrylics is my favorite medium. I try to convey my own sense of reality or fantasy and hope to engage the viewer in sharing this pictorial illusion. I define my work as a balance between mastery of technique, an opinion to express and an emotional reaction.

Inspiration for me can pop up at any time and in any place.


I am a self-taught photographer and love to photograph nature, the sunrise and sunsets wherever I go. I am also a certified makeup artist, an engineer, a Yogi , an avid golfer and lifelong beach and animal lover.


" When you start doubting yourself,

remember how far you have come.

Remember everything you have faced and endured,

all the battles you have won,

and all the fears you have overcome."

                      Sandy Alves

Pablo Picasso 

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

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